Lara Hogan



Back in 2009, I was a senior engineer who had just started acting as a tech lead and manager for my small team. I remember sitting in my first 1:1 meeting as the manager, with absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do, which questions I should be asking, or how to get past the awkwardness of managing someone who had formerly been my peer.

In 2016, Lara published her blog post, “Questions for our first 1:1.” I was in the process of writing my first book, The Manager’s Path, and knew that I had to include some of her management ideas for my readers. Here, finally, was the post I had needed back when I was trying to figure out those clumsy 1:1s!

Management is a hard job. Even after years of practice, you will find yourself occasionally coming back to square one—guiding a new team through its Forming phase, or working through the destabilization of company changes. Those moments can make you question your abilities as a manager, or even make you wonder if you have any idea how to do the job at all.

Lara’s book is a wonderful resource for both new managers experiencing these challenges for the first time, and seasoned managers who need a reminder or a fresh perspective. So don’t panic! Take a deep breath and remember that you and your team are all human. Dig in to this book for ways to navigate the stormy waters and create a resilient team.

—Camille Fournier
Author, The Manager’s Path